Welcome to New Westminster

New Westminster is a unique blend of old and new, with a mix of historic and modern architecture that reflects the city’s rich history and its growth and development over the years.


New Westminster has been referred to as the “Royal City” due to its historical connection to the Royal Engineers who founded the city. Located along the Lower Fraser River, on the homelands of the Halkomelem speaking people, New Westminster is at the center of Metro Vancouver. It has long been a crossroads of people, pathways, and ideas, where innovation and culture are interwoven and celebrated, making this city a great place to live, work, and visit.
New West is defined by six unique neighbourhoods, each with their own characteristics, quirks, and stories to tell: Downtown, Westminster Quay, West End, Uptown, Sapperton and Queensborough.
Downtown New West is the city’s most prominent food, culture and shopping destination. With unique vintage shops, award-winning modern cuisine, food trucks, festivals, museums and art galleries, Downtown is a must-visit urban community framed by historic buildings, scenic parks and waterfront views.
With a vibrant arts community and an international foodie scene, New West has something to discover no matter your interest or craving. Enjoy a network of greenways, bicycle paths, and walking trails. Explore heritage neighbourhoods and local businesses, visit museums and attend live performances at theatres and festivals.

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